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Information Commissioner & Tribunal Decisions

Past Event

This course highlights the latest developments in the interpretation of exemptions, public interest tests and the legislation’s procedural requirements.

The Information Commissioner has issued over 11,000 decision notices under the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations – while the Information Rights Tribunal has published over 1,800 decisions. A number of appeals to the Upper Tribunal and courts have also been decided. These complex decisions are essential materials for anyone trying to understand what public authorities must do to comply with the legislation.

This course, now in its 13th year, is aimed at experienced FOI practitioners and others with a good working knowledge of the legislation. It highlights the latest developments in the way the exemptions, public interest test and the legislation’s procedural requirements are being interpreted.

The course will cover the most significant FOI decisions issued since the previous course in November 2017. The content will therefore depend on the cases decided in that period, but typically addresses issues such as:

  • “Fair” & “unfair” disclosures of personal data
  • The FOI/EIR border
  • The application of specific exemptions such as those for breach of confidence and commercial interests
  • Where the public interest line is being drawn
  • Vexatious requests
  • The cost limit, aggregating requests, invalid requests, advice & assistance and other administrative provisions

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Maurice Frankel has worked on freedom of information for over 30 years. He was actively involved in persuading the government to introduce the FOI Act and seeking improvements to the legislation in Parliament. He was a member of the Ministry of Justice’s Information Rights User Group. He sat on the advisory group that reviewed aligning the Local Government Act 1972 with the FOI Act. He was a member of the Commonwealth Group of Experts whose FOI Principles were adopted by Commonwealth Law Ministers in 1999. He drafted the successful private members’ bills which became the Access to Personal Files Act 1987, the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988, the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988 and the Access to Health Records Act 1990. He trains public authority staff and requesters in the legislation.


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