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International Translation Day 2014

Past Event
  • Presented By: Presented by Free Word, English PEN and the British Library in association with the British Centre for Literary Translation, the Translators’ Association, Literature Across Frontiers and Wales Literature Exchange.
  • Fri 26 Sep 2014, 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • British Library, NW1 2DB

This event has now taken place. However, you can read notes from all the breakout sessions here.

Now in its fifth year, the International Translation Day symposium is an annual event for the translation community. It is an opportunity for translators, students, publishers, booksellers, librarians, bloggers and reviewers to gather and debate significant issues and developments within the sector, to discuss challenges and to celebrate success.

You can read a summary of the day's programme below, or download the complete programme as a PDF here.

Tickets for International Translation Day are now on sale from the British Library website.

The focus of this year's opening session is on continuing professional development for translators. You can download a list of useful web addresses for translation courses and ways to aid continuing development here, as a PDF. These were kindly compiled by Lucile Desblache.

Summary of the day's programme:

9am – Arrival and registration

9.30am – Opening remarks and welcome

9.45am – 11.15am – OPENING PANEL: Continuing Professional Development

11.15am – 11.35am – BREAK

11.35am – 1pm – SEMINARS
We have a series of seminars for you to choose from. From 11.35am – 1pm you can choose from seminars A, B, C, D or E. Then after lunch, from 2.30pm – 4pm you must choose again from seminars F, G, H, I or J. Seminars will be introduced and ‘steered’ by a guest host but these are open discussion forums in which we encourage you to bring your thoughts, opinions, examples of best practice and questions along with you to share and debate.

Seminar A: Absolute Beginners

Seminar B: Translators in Education

Seminar C: Amplifying Women's Voices Through Translation

Seminar D: Migrating Languages

Seminar E: Translating Comics

1pm – 2.30pm – LUNCH, during which drop-in sessions will be taking place. 

2.30pm – 4pm – SEMINARS

Seminar F: Pitch Perfect

Seminar G Crossing Borders

Seminar H: Translation Games meets Enemies

Seminar I: New Directions

Seminar J: Throwing the Book at Them

4pm – 4.20pm – BREAK

4.20pm – 5.30pm – Singing the Meaning: Words and Translation in Opera

5.30pm – DRINKS

Download the complete programme as a PDF document here



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