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Maybe We Descend From The Trees: A reading with Fereshteh Ahmadi

Past Event

An award winning writer and critic living in Tehran, Fereshteh is recognised for her enigmatic psychological fantasies. Fereshteh will read from her work and discuss its influences in the context of contemporary Iranian literature.

An award winning writer and critic living in Tehran, Fereshteh Ahmadi is widely recognised for her enigmatic and mysterious psychological fantasies, including her first short story collection, Everybody’s Sara (2004). She has won several literary awards for both her short stories and novels which include The Fairy of Forgetfulness (2007), Cheese Forest (2008) and Domestic Monsters (2016).

Fereshteh will be reading from her work and discussing its influences in the context of contemporary Iranian literature. The talk is presented by International Agatha Christie Festival (Torquay), with the support of the British Council.


Guest Speaker – Fereshteh Ahmadi

Fereshteh Ahmadi was born in 1972 and as an architect graduated from Tehran University. Her first published work is a story called “Bi-Esm” [Nameless] and then in 2004, she published her first collection of stories, “Sara-ye Hame” [Everyman’s Sara].

She has also published two novels, “Pari-e Faramooshi” [Amnesia Fairy] and “Jangal-e Panir” [Cheese Forest] in 2007 and 2008. Her second collection of stories, “Garmazadegi” [Heatstroke] published in 2013 and her latest novel “Haylahaye Khanegi” [Domestic Monsters] published in 2016.

Fereshteh has also worked as a critic and juror for different publications and literary prizes. In her stories, she tries to understand human beings in spite of their gender and geographical location, focusing on their psychological and emotional aspects. Her stories are not about everyday situations, but they happen in an everyday setting.

As a critic has said, “her stories are a refined representation of simple instants of life.”

Interviewer – Saeed Kamali Dehghan

Saeed Kamali Dehghan is a staff journalist with the Guardian. He has previously written from the Iranian capital, Tehran. He is now based in London and was named 2010 Journalist of the Year at the Foreign Press Association awards.

His first book, Twelve Plus One, was published in Iran in January. It’s a collection of his interviews with 12 writers and one film-maker, including Mario Vargas Llosa, Paul Auster, EL Doctorow and David Lynch.

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