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Sweet Solitude

Past Event

What does it mean to be silent? Does it mean you have been silenced or ignored? Or can it be an active choice, the birthplace of artistic expression?

What does it mean to be silent? 

Everybody has felt silenced. But can it be an active choice? How can we use that silence to express ourselves? 

Poet in the City Producers invite an eclectic array of voices from across the artistic landscape to explore creativity in relation to solitude. Set aside the noise of the city for an evening of inspiring contemplation.

The event will investigate the societal factors that might cause a person to retreat or be rendered mute, and how solitude, both inflicted and self-imposed, can manifest itself creatively.

Featuring poets Jacob Sam-La Rose who will be exploring dual heritage, masculinity and the accompanying solitude that both these identifiers can bring, and Nick Makoha, whose inspiring Lost Collection of an Invisible Man exquisitely articulates the experience of marginalisation and loneliness.

Women in Prison’s Policy and Campaigns Manager Claire Cain will be joining us to talk about women’s imprisonment, imposed isolation and how poetry is a means to a voice for the women she works with. You can also expect a very special silent performance from a mime artist.  

Join us for an evening exploring the depth of what’s being said, when we break the silence.

Poet in the City Producers is a group of talented 16-25 year olds producing live events, discussions and campaigns to ensure young people have a stake in the future of poetry.

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