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The science and culture of sleep and sleeplessness: evening session

Past Event

Sleep is an enormous part of our lives and has fascinated musicians and artists for centuries. But can we represent a sleep cycle with music or art?

Join us for a unique DJ set by Alexander Solo (Babalonia, Shaking Chains), co-curated by sleep neuroscientist Kimberley Whitehead and historian of sleeplessness Matthew Beaumont.

This sound journey will take you through wakefulness, insomnia and into the stages of sleep. Expect a variety of genres and moods: experimental jazz, echo-y dub, dream-themed songs, deep (sleep) house and spacey synths. Prepare for a multi-sensory experience, as we project specially commissioned images by artist Andrew Carnie alongside the set.


Professor Matthew Beaumont

Professor Beaumont is a Professor of English at University College London and the author of Nightwalking: A Nocturnal History of London, among other books. He is currently writing a book on insomnia.


Kimberley Whitehead

Kimberley Whitehead is a Clinical Research Associate based in University College London’s Department of Neuroscience and has a special interest in rapid eye movement (dream) sleep and its role in early brain development.


Alexander Solo

Alex Solo is a mainstay of the Babalonia collective, a club night focusing on street music from around the world, and writes on dance music for London Student. He is currently working on his own productions and preparing a new EP with the band Shaking Chains. He enjoys sleeping, but does occasionally find it difficult.


Andrew Carnie

Andrew Carnie is an artist who is currently working on a project about sleep and sleeplessness in collaboration with Kimberley Whitehead and Professor Matthew Beaumont. His work has been exhibited at the Science Museum in London, the Whitechapel Gallery in London and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

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