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The Word’s A Stage

Past Event
  • Presented By: Apples and Snakes
  • Tue 14 Apr 2015, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
  • Free Word Centre

For five years now, The Word’s A Stage has provided a platform to encourage poets to leap madly out of their comfort zones, all syllables blazing. Several successful touring shows have been spawned at a Word's A Stage session.

Four spoken word artists – Becci Fearnley, Sean Wai Keung, Andrea Queens and Zahrah Sheikh – have been working with poetry improviser Robin Vaughan-Williams on a brand new piece of poetical interplay on the theme of 'search'. Searching for one's voice in an age when we're bombarded by virtual voices; searching for coherence in a world of disintegration; searching for – well, come along and listen as we whip the wraps off this new piece of work. Search no more…

The night will also showcase a new collaborative piece by Rowena Knight, Nayla Ziadeh, Victoria Bulley, and Alice Frecknall, members of The Writing Room, Apples and Snakes’ young writers group. These emerging writers have had the chance to work with acclaimed artists including Hollie McNish, winner of the Arts Foundation Spoken Word Award 2015, and Warsan Shire who became London’s first ever Young Poet Laureate in 2013. In this newly devised piece, four voices come together to explore themes of displacement, power, and identity.

Two new creations for the price of one!


Robin Vaughan-Williams is a poet, poetry producer, and author of The Manager. He has run three live literature series, produced a spoken word radio show for SheffieldLive, and brings writers from around the world together for Skype-lit nights. Recent work includes a podcast and poems exploring the alienation and abstraction of the road, and film-poems responding to transcripts from a simulated mental health ward.

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