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First Amendment Under Threat?

Past Event

Experts working on the security of journalists, press freedom and freedom of expression gather in London to discuss trends that are contributing to a decline in media freedom in the US, and what needs to happen to reverse the situation

Media freedom in the United States of America has been under threat for several years,  and the findings from an unprecedented mission to the US by leading human rights and media freedom organisations working on freedom of expression, reveals the true extent of the decline.

Over the last two decades, the situation has become steadily worse.  Growing numbers of prosecutions against whistleblowers and journalists’ sources, attacks against and arrests of reporters covering protests, sweeping national security justifications to restrict public access to information, and border checks of journalists’ equipment, and an increasingly precarious economic situation for many news outlets, are among the pressing concerns that media workers relayed to the media freedom mission.

In our ever-shrinking globalised world, domestic policy is felt as keenly abroad as at home.  That is why the impact of the decline in the US affects all of us. Our freedom to know, to criticise and to question those who hold power over us is reliant on the free flow of pluralistic and independent information.

How do we protect those freedoms?


Rebecca Vincent, Jodie Ginsberg and Paddy Coulter

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