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Truth and Betrayals: The Armenian Genocide and Why it Matters

Past Event

A joint lecture by Professor Antonia Arslan and Professor Siobhan Nash Marshall, followed by a reception with light refreshments and books by both authors available to purchase.

Prof. Antonia Arslan and Prof. Siobhan Nash Marshall will discuss new perspectives on the denial of the Armenian Genocide, a devastating example of what we now call “a post-truth” phenomenon. Their focus will be on the relevance of this poignant example to today’s seeming tidal wave of “historical engineering.”

Presented by Dr. Susan Pattie and Raffi Tanielian.


We are grateful to Raffi and Alice Tanielian for their generous support, making this evening possible.


Prof. Antonia Arslan (Universita di Padova) is the acclaimed author of international best-seller Skylark Farm (La masseria delle allodole) which was made into a stunning film, The Lark Farm, directed by the Taviani brothers.

Prof. Siobhan Nash Marshall (Mary T. Clark Chair of Christian Philosphy at Manhattanville College, New York City), is the author of The Sins of the Fathers: Turkish Denialism and The Armenian Genocide.

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