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Using the FOI Act! Practical training for requesters

Past Event

Do you want to learn how to use the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act? Are you already using the Act, but want to know more about how key provisions are being interpreted? This practical course should help you.

Making a FOI request is straightforward but making an effective request can be more difficult. Requests that ask for too much information can be refused – and some information may be exempt. But a well thought-out request can have a powerful impact, revealing that a policy isn’t working, an authority isn’t doing its job or generating key information for your research.

This practical course is designed to help campaigners, researchers, journalists and others make the most of the FOI Act and parallel Environmental Information Regulations. It explains key provisions of the legislation, how to draft clear and effective requests, how to challenge unjustified refusals and highlights critical decisions of the Information Commissioner and Tribunal.

The course’s interactive sessions will encourage you to work out how best to apply the Act in a variety of situations. The course is aimed at both beginners and those who are already using the Act but want to do so more effectively.

Concessions are available to individuals using FOI in a personal capacity, freelance journalists and small NGOs that have 4 staff or less. You may be asked for proof of eligibility.


Maurice Frankel has worked for the Campaign since it was set up in 1984 and been its director since 1987.

Katherine Gundersen has worked with the Campaign since 1999. The Campaign played the leading role in securing the FOI Act and improving it in Parliament.

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