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White Butterfly Meaning: A Guide on Symbolism

Have you spotted a white butterfly recently and wondered about the meaning of its appearance? Many people believe that this butterfly brings luck and hope or that it represents a new beginning. However, the white butterfly meaning is not so simple, and there are many nuances and details you have to understand about it.

Luckily, this article is here to help. You will find all the info on the white butterfly meaning below, including what this insect represents symbolically and spiritually. Read on!

White Butterfly Meaning: Basic Symbolism

Basic Symbolism

1. Transformation

Generally speaking, butterflies usually symbolize transformation. If you think about it, such a reading makes a lot of sense. After all, butterflies have to evolve and transform to take the form that we recognize them by.

Thus, if you spot a white butterfly, you can expect a huge change to take place in your life. It could be getting a new job, moving, meeting a significant other, or anything similarly important and big. Moreover, seeing a butterfly could also mean that the change you are already going through is almost complete and that you are on the right track.

Butterflies appear to let you know that everything will be alright. No matter how terrifying and foreign the change might seem, you will work through it and come out on the other side stronger than ever.

Apart from actual physical change (such as moving or ending a relationship), a white butterfly can also symbolize spiritual change. Seeing one might mean that you are ready to grow and get to know new sides of yourself. Even if the things you have to face seem bad, the change they will cause will bring you one step closer to who you are truly meant to be.

So, if you are debating on whether you should make a certain decision and you spot a white butterfly, take it as a sign that you should. Be bold, take your destiny into your own hands, and change your life for the better without any fear. In the end, you will be grateful for it.

2. Luck and Hope

In many cultures, the white butterfly meaning is connected to luck and hope. Though other butterflies can symbolize them as well, it is the color that makes this one such a clear sign of luck and hope.

Generally speaking, white represents purity, light, and happiness. That is why it is used as a symbol in many works of art, from poems and novels to paintings. In each of these, the color white is always a good omen, something used to represent innocence and lightness.

Thus, seeing a white butterfly means that you should not lose hope and that better days are coming. If you are struggling and can’t seem to figure out what you need to do, a white butterfly appearing should tell you that it will soon be over. Similarly, if you are waiting to hear some news, be it about a job or something related to your studies, the news is going to be good.

However, the butterfly does not have to be tied to a huge event happening in your life at that particular moment in time. Rather, seeing one might just mean that you are going to have a great day and that something fantastic might happen to you. It could mean that you’ll see your friends, do great at work, see the cutest dog in the park, or simply enjoy yourself to the fullest, no matter where you are.

3. Healing

Healing is a white butterfly meaning that not many people are aware of. The most important thing you need to understand about it is that it can be both physical and spiritual.

For example, if you or someone you know are struggling with their health, seeing a white butterfly might mean that things will finally start changing for the better. For example, a doctor’s appointment might go great, the results from months of therapy might finally show, or you could just start feeling much better after a lot of struggling.

However, the healing might also happen on a spiritual level. It might be related to you finally processing a past trauma or facing something from your past that you couldn’t do before. Likewise, it could symbolize a new beginning if you decide to get help by speaking to a therapist. In that sense, this white butterfly meaning is closely connected to that of transformation.

4. Abundance


In many cultures, seeing a white butterfly is seen as a sign of incoming wealth and abundance. Thus, if you see one, your financial situation could be on its way to improving significantly. You might be getting a new job or a promotion at the one you already have. Either way, your paychecks are bound to increase!

5. Weather Change

Have you noticed that you can only really spot white butterflies in spring and the beginning of summer? They are actually seen as one of the signs that summer is coming and that it is going to be a hot one.

However, certain cultures (namely those of certain Native American tribes) believe that white butterflies represent weather changes in general. Native Americans see them as signs of rain, especially if the butterflies appear in bigger groups.

6. Love

For many people, white butterflies are clear symbols of love. Thus, if you are in a relationship when you see one, you can expect good things to happen in the near future. Maybe you and your partner will take a big next step in your relationship. Alternatively, perhaps the hard times you have been going through might finally be ending.

Either way, spotting a white butterfly means that your relationship will thrive in the times to come. Make sure that you nourish and care for the connection you have with your partner. That way, it will continue to thrive long after the butterfly glides away.

7. Twin Flame

If you believe in twin flames, then this reading of the white butterfly meaning is for you. A twin flame is a person that you can see as your soulmate, or rather, someone whose soul mirrors yours.

This person understands you better than anyone else and better than you can understand yourself sometimes. It is someone you would have a harmonious and leveled relationship with and someone that would make your life and soul feel complete.

If you take a look at these descriptions of twin flames, you will probably realize how hard they are to find. In fact, most people spend their whole lives without ever meeting their twin flame or even coming close to doing so.

However, spotting a white butterfly can mean that your twin flame might be closer than you think. Maybe you are going to meet them in the time to come, or maybe they are in your life already. Either way, your union is coming. Moreover, it will change your life and make it better in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

White Butterfly Meaning: The Spiritual Aspect

Spiritual Aspect

Apart from being rich in symbolic meanings, white butterflies also carry a lot of weight when it comes to spirituality. Here are some of the most important meanings you should pay attention to.

1. A Message From Heaven

Spotting a white butterfly can mean that the spiritual world has some sort of a message for you. And since white is the color often associated with angels and innocence, you can be sure that this message is coming from heaven.

Oftentimes, a white butterfly indicates that someone in heaven is trying to contact you. However, it can’t be just anyone. It has to be someone you had an unbreakable bond with, someone you loved beyond words and couldn’t even imagine living without.

As scary as this might seem, you shouldn’t fear it. White butterflies aren’t usually seen as bad omens, so you can interpret seeing one as your loved one saying that they are always there, supporting and loving you. In a way, a butterfly is an angel’s messenger that comes to earth just to find you.

After seeing a white butterfly, you will be able to let go of some of your grief, no matter how small of an amount. You will be able to take solace in the fact that the person you love is still in your life in some way, even if you can’t see or touch them.

They are right behind you every step you take, and you are never alone. For many people, knowing that is all they need to keep moving forward and live their lives to the fullest.

2. Impending Death

Though the white butterfly meaning is almost exclusively positive, certain experts on spirituality offer different readings as well. For example, some of them see a white butterfly as an omen of death. They claim that if you see one around you, and especially if one lands on you, someone in your family will pass away in the near future.

Likewise, these people believe that seeing a white butterfly near the beginning of the year is a sign that, by the year’s end, you will lose someone important in your life. In a way, this reading connects to that of transformation. But while people usually see metamorphosis as good, in this instance it is a sign of a change that you will not like.

However, as with all changes, it is something that will help you get to where you need to be eventually. So, even if it seems ominous and frightening at first, it might be just what you need to truly find yourself.

An important aspect of this meaning is how you react to it. A lot of symbolism in general depends on manifestation and whether you accept it passively. So, you can see a white butterfly and instantly take it as a bad sign. Or you can see one and think of all the good that it can represent instead. That can help you keep calm and not spend every day in fear and anticipation of what’s to come.

3. Dreams

Certain Native American tribes believe that white butterflies can carry your dreams on their wings. Since dreams are a part of the deeply hidden and subconscious parts of your soul, seeing a butterfly can indicate that you are finally ready to face those parts of yourself.

Oftentimes, things that you are afraid of resurface in your dreams. It could be some past trauma, an event you’ve been trying to suppress and forget, or just something you hadn’t really processed yet. Either way, a white butterfly appearing can mean that it is time to work on those aspects of your past. Doing so will help you grow spiritually, which is what you should always strive to achieve.

4. The Travel of Souls

Many cultures believe that white butterflies are the ones that carry the souls of the deceased into the underworld. Whether it is to heaven or hell, white butterflies are the ones who help the souls reach their final destinations.

If you see a white butterfly after a loved one has passed away, you can take it as a sign that they are finally at peace and departing the world of the physical. Likewise, you can see that butterfly appearing as the person you lost coming to say their final goodbye.

As painful as it might be, this is a good thing and one you need to be able to move on with your life. Thus, embrace it and be thankful for it. That way, you’ll be able to start healing knowing that the person you love will stay with you forever, even if you cannot see them.

White Butterfly Meaning Across Cultures and Religions


1. White Butterfly Meaning In the Bible

In the Bible, white is always a symbol of harmony and serenity. In addition, the color always stands for purity, innocence, and righteousness. Thus, you can say that, at least as far as Christianity is concerned, seeing a white butterfly has only positive connotations.

The Bible presents butterflies as signs of transformation and moving to another, higher spiritual level of one’s being. So, you can see that most of the symbols mentioned above stem from these beliefs. It is from the Bible that you can infer that white butterflies bring luck, prosperity, new beginnings, and something angelic and pure.

2. White Butterfly Meaning In Native American Tradition

As mentioned in some of the preceding sections, Native Americans see white butterflies as carriers of dreams. This deeply spiritual reading puts emphasis on the subconscious. As such, it makes you look within yourself and uncover hidden parts you might not be aware exist.

Aside from connecting Butterflies with dreams, certain Native American tribes also see white butterflies as symbols of death. Thus, if a butterfly lands on you or enters your home through a window or door, it can mean that a person living in your home might pass soon.

3. White Butterfly Meaning In Chinese Tradition

The Chinese believe that butterflies are carriers of souls. If the butterfly in question is also white, you can rest assured that the soul it carries is going straight to heaven. Thus, seeing a white butterfly after losing someone dear to you means that the person is safe and going to a better place.

According to the Chinese, white butterflies are there to let you know that it is okay to move on with your life after a great loss. The butterfly informs that your loved one will always be watching over you and helping you move through life the way you want.

All in all, a white butterfly tells you that you are never alone. Physical death does not equal spiritual as well, and that can give you the strength to continue on.

4. White Butterfly Meaning In Japanese Culture

In Japanese culture, white butterflies are strong symbols of love. All of it comes from a folk tale about Takahama and Akiko

  • The Folk Tale

According to the story. Takahama was a man from a wealthy and powerful family. However, he chose to be a cemetery caretaker instead and lived a quiet and humble life. The only people he kept in touch with were his sister and her little son.

One day, they came to visit him and saw that he had become seriously ill. Though they tried to help, it seemed that nothing was working. Takahama was dying. The sister and her little boy sat by his side in his last moments. They were surprised to notice a white butterfly sitting on his pillow, right by his head.

The butterfly sat there until Takahama took his last breath. Once that happened, it flew away, and the little boy followed it, finding its appearance all too strange. The butterfly led the boy to a grave of a woman named Akiko before disappearing.

Once he returned to his mom, the boy asked her about Akiko, and she told him everything. Akiko had been Takahama’s fiance. He loved her dearly and couldn’t wait to finally marry her and share his life with her forever.

However, fate would not have it. Akiko died just days before the wedding was to take place, leaving Takahama devastated. After her funeral, he decided to take the job of a cemetery caretaker so that he could always be close to his beloved. He brought her fresh flowers every day, and when one day he didn’t, she came to look for him in the form of a butterfly.

Akiko sat by his side until he died and took his soul with her after. With his death, they were finally able to be together again, after years of separation and quiet longing.

  • Interpretation

It is from this story that the connection between love and a white butterfly stems. The Japanese see it as a sign of a love so strong it transcends death. The story shows that love can endure anything and help you make it through the toughest of times.

Moreover, the story teaches you that those who love you never truly leave you. As long as you are devoted to them and you honor their memory, they will always be there for you. Akiko and Takahama never left each other, and they were rewarded with the opportunity to spend eternity together.

Finally, the story emphasizes the importance of selfless sacrifice. The lesson is that it always gets rewarded, even if it takes some time for that to happen. Takahama sacrificed his wealth and power to be close to the one he loved. As a result, he got to be with her decades later, which is all he ever wanted in the first place.

5. White Butterfly Meaning In Islam

In Islamic tradition, white butterflies often symbolize big changes that are coming in one’s life. If you see a white butterfly, it is a sign that your life is about to transform completely. Since people usually see white as a light and happy color, this change will most likely be a good one.

In most readings, the change brought by a white butterfly is a spiritual one. This insect represents mental and spiritual growth, and it is a sign that you must take seriously. Doing so will allow you to reach your full potential and become who you should be.

Many people also believe that your luck will improve if you manage to catch the butterfly. Still, that is quite difficult, so just spotting it is more than enough to let you know that great change is coming your way.

6. White Butterfly Meaning In Irish Tradition

While most cultures see white butterflies as something good and sacred, for the Irish, they hold a slightly more somber and sinister meaning.

Up to the 1600s, common law dictated that killing or capturing a white butterfly was the worst thing one could do. People saw these butterflies as carriers of the souls of dead children, which made everyone fear them.

Nowadays, very few people think that white butterflies carry the souls of little kids who passed. However, the butterflies still have a solemn and sad connotation when they are mentioned, even though centuries have passed.

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