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Why Should Your Goldendoodle Go for a Weekly Swim?

As summer is already here and the temperature is rising, your fur baby will start feeling hotter already. Especially with a furry dog such as Goldendoodle, they look for ways to cool down and beat the heat. Exercising your dogs in such a hot climate becomes tough as they get tired easily.

Goldendoodle can be added to the list for swimmers too, as it is a hybrid breed with Poodle and Golden Retriever as parents. Golden retrievers were originally bred to retrieve waterfowl from water bodies. Hence, they have retained the instincts to fetch and also swim. They have been developed with all the qualities and traits of an efficient swimmer.

On the other hand, Poodles are naturally good swimmers as they were originally bred to be water retrievers. Their physical traits help them swim efficiently, such as waterproof coats and webbed paws. Poodles are also active dogs, which gives them the needed energy and stamina to swim longer than most dogs.

Hence, it is right to say that a full grown Goldendoodle can be an excellent swimmer.

Lets us dive into the reasons why go these dog breeds are superb swimmers and things you should consider before letting them swim.

Why GoldenDoodles and Poodles Are Great Swimmers?

Mostly you will find your Goldendoodle maneuvering water bodies easily and most of them in fact love swimming and get excited to see a pool. Not all breeds of dogs love swimming, but Goldendoodles can definitely make the swim list.

So why are Goldendoodles natural swimmers, unlike many others? There are many reasons for this and we dove into the main reasons.

Golden Retrievers Were Bred to Swim:

When a dog receives genes from two different parent breeds that love to swim, obviously the resulting breed would also be a great swimmer.

In the past, all dogs were bred for a specific purpose or job. Like Huskies were bred to pull sheds, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds were bred to herd, Jack Russell Terriers to kill vermin and even a small Pug had been bred for companionship.

Golden Retrievers were bred to be sporting group dogs. They retrieved the shot waterfowl such as geese or ducts from water bodies. The name itself suggests their purpose. Hence, they had to be highly capable swimmers.

As the hunter shot the bird down, they would end up floating in the middle of the lake. Taking a boat down every time to bring back the game was not feasible, hence Golden Retriever was trained to do the job of locating the bird and retrieving it with their soft mouths while swimming. They are even listed as the top 10 swimming dog breeds as per PetMD.

As a Goldendoodle contains a part of the genes from a Golden retriever, it makes the dog breed simmers as well.

Poodles Were Bred to Swim:

The history of Poodles is similar to that of Golden Retrievers. They were bred for hunting ducts in Germany hundreds of years ago so you can safely say they were bred to swim.

In fact “pudel” translated to puddle in English, which means to splash about. Earlier they were known as Pudelhunds in Germany where hund translated to dog hence they were literally named splashing dogs.

With such a name, it is obvious that they are great in the water. Poodles were originally bred to retriever ducks and many characteristics help them to be one. For example, their unique tail shape and fur at the top of their body that resembles pom-pom helped duck hunters locate the dog in the water.

Poodle is the original waterfowl retriever, as they are doing this job long before Labrador retrievers were even bred.

With both retriever parents, obviously, Goldendoodles will inherit the same swimming gene and be good in water bodies. It is essential to take a dog from an authentic Goldendoodle breeder who knows the right breeding methods, as breeding a designer breed correctly is essential to get the right litter.

Their Active Lifestyle is Perfect for Swimming:

Both Golden retrievers and Poodles are active dogs. The AKC calls them one of the most active dog breeds, which makes Goldendoodles active too. This means they need plenty of exercises to burn energy.

Running or outdoor activities in summer can overheat their body. Also, Golden retrievers have the tendency to get hip dysplasia. To avoid that, swimming is the best workout during summer. It is a relaxing and low-impact activity that is perfect for dogs that love swimming. They get a high-intensity workout with little strain on the body. On the other hand, these dogs enjoy this activity as well.

The Goldendoodle has a Waterproof Coat:

The coat of the Goldendoodle depends largely on the dominant parent genes. But the important thing to note here is both parents have water-resistant coats which mean Goldendoodle has it too.

Mainly Goldendoodles have different coat types, but breeders prefer them to have their cats similar to the Poodle for low shedding. They mainly have a single layer of cat which is dense and makes swimming easier. They have fluff spots which are excess hair around the head, ankles, and chest to keep their organs warm while swimming,

Built to Swim:

Goldendoodles have webbed feet, which is something both parents’ breeds also have, which makes them great water retrievers. These paws are especially the secret to the Goldendoodle being able to swim efficiently. They are just like great water paddles.

The Bottom Line:

Dogs that were bred to work find it tough to be active nowadays, as they have become house dogs mainly. It is important to learn about the dog breed and their purpose so that you can give them similar activities which will keep them happy and healthy. There may not be a lake nearby for your dog to swim, but you will find many dog swimming pools nearby which can be booked for your dog’s swimming session. Make it a weekly trip to the pool to enjoy fun water time with your doodle.

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