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25 Sexiest Anime Girls You Wish Were Real

Although they aren’t physically real, anime girls can bring the most sensual feeling, especially with their sexy bodies. However, every animation enthusiast has their own opinion on which anime girl is the sexiest. Nevertheless, here are several anime ladies that everybody seems to admire. This article lists the top 25 sexiest anime girls that you wish were real.

What Are Anime Girls?

Anime Girls

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Anime is hand-drawn and computer-generated animation that originated in Japan. Anime is a Japanese word derived from the English word animation. It refers to all animated creations, regardless of their style or origin.

But in English, anime refers to Japanese animation. So, any work of animation done outside of Japan is commonly referred to as anime-influenced animation. Therefore, anime girls are female characters in animation.

Like any other human anime character, anime girls have body proportions that accurately reflect those of real human bodies. When an animation artist is creating a female character, they consider the height of the head as the base unit of proportion. Although the head heights may vary, most anime characters are about 7 to 8 heads tall.

However, sometimes artists make modifications to the body proportions to achieve special characters, especially when they want to enhance the beauty of a female character. For instance, they can adjust the size and shape of breasts, hips, lips, and other physical features just to achieve a specific character.

25 Sexiest Anime Girls

While some people love anime movies and games for their breathtaking action, others can’t get enough of the eye candy. But no matter the reason why you love these creations, the truth is that some female anime characters are too sexy to be ignored. Here are the top 25 sexiest anime girls of all time.

1. Akeno Himejima – Highschool DxD


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Akeno Himejima is considered to be the prettiest girl in the animation world. In Highschool DxD, Akeno appears to be smart, hilarious, and very gorgeous. She also has a sexy and seductive side.

Another reason why she tops the list of sexiest anime girls is that she offers more than just beauty. She has a brain and feelings, both of which are very attractive.

2. Rias Gremory – Highschool DxD


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Rias Gremory is one of the main female characters in the High School DxD series. She acts as a third-year student and the former President of the Occult Research Club at Kuoh Academy. She is not just sexy; she is among the most cunning and charming girls in the series.

3. Ezra Scarlet – Fairy Tail


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In Fairy Tail, Ezra Scarlet acts as a prominent and authoritative wizard and a close friend of Natsu Dragneel. She is also a member of Team Natsu. One of the reasons why she is considered sexy is because of her personality. In the Fairy Tail manga series, she is portrayed as a kind and gentle soul who is willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of others.

4. Mirajane Strauss – Fairy Tail


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All characters in Fairy Tail anime are well developed with their own distinctive personalities. One of these characters is Mirajane Strauss, who is a gorgeous young lady. Although she looks calm and kind, she also has a scary power that can chill many of her adversaries to their bones when she wants to.

She also has a very important secret that makes her extremely powerful. With her demon power, Mirajane can easily annihilate all her adversaries.

 5. Asuna – Sword Art Online


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Asuna is one of the most striking female characters in this anime series. Apart from being sexy, she also has a unique sense of style. Although she isn’t a “tsundere” character, she definitely has the tsundere attitude. This becomes clear when she meets Kirito, a male protagonist.

6. Akame – Akame Ga Kill


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Akame is a former assassin who is struggling to make amends in an intolerant world. She is one of the sexiest anime girls out there. Akame’s character design is also very awesome. She dresses in a charming black outfit, and her stare is extremely intense and intimidating.

Aside from that, her strong, independent character makes her very interesting. She also has some amazing fighting skills.

7. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins


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Elizabeth Liones seems to be the center of attention in this anime series. Fans are drawn to her for her character and looks, and it’s not hard to see why. Since she was introduced in the 2014 anime, The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth has become a fan favorite. Her innocent and gentle nature sets her apart from other anime girls.

8. Irina Jelavic – Assassination Classroom


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The sexiest anime girls are the unique ones, and Irina Jelavic from Assassination Classroom is one of them. Her slender body, nice figure, and blond hair give her splendid beauty that most anime girls don’t have. Aside from her beauty, her personality makes her stand out.

She is a tomboy who will put her own life on the line to protect those close to her. She is also very strong, intelligent, and cunning. Her quick wit also makes her very attractive.

9. Tohha Yatogami – Date A Live


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Tohha Yatogami is one of the main characters in Date A Live and she is one of the sexiest anime girls, especially because of her unique personality. Her personality is based on a tsundere (a character trope that defines someone as cold, blunt, or even rude in some way, but then rapidly switches to being loving as well).

But unlike most tsundere characters, Tohha has two characters, instead of just one. Another reason why she is considered attractive is the fact that she doesn’t have any flaws.

10. Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill


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As one of the main characters in the series, Akame Ga Kill, Esdeath is a very powerful and beautiful female warrior. She is often compared to other attractive anime girls, including Rei Ayanami and Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist. She is also considered to be one of the toughest characters in the series, commanding a powerful elite squad of warriors called the Jaegers.

11. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail


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Lucy Heartfilia is a female protagonist from the hit anime series Fairy Tail. She is one of the sexiest anime girls of all time. Apart from her beauty, Lucy is also smart, humorous, kind, positive, sympathetic, loving, and downright adorable. She will do anything for the ones she loves.

12. Erina Nakiri – Food Wars!


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Although some anime girls are made attractive by their personalities, physical appearance plays a major role when considering a character’s beauty. Erina Nakiri is one of the loveliest anime girls of all time. Apart from her beautiful appearance, she is also rich and talented in the cooking world. Shockingly, she hasn’t been featured in many lists of beautiful anime girls.

13. Tsunade – Naruto


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There is no doubt that the Naruto series is one of the biggest anime series in the world. It also has some of the sexiest anime ladies. However, none of these girls is as attractive and powerful as Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage. She is a strong female ninja and one of the most beautiful characters.

She also has canonically high chakra levels and striking healing abilities. Also, she is Hashirama Senju’s granddaughter, who is regarded as the godfather of the ninjas.

14. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto


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Hinata Hyuga is a shy and easily rattled member of Naruto’s main cast. She is also one of the most adored characters in the series. Her affectionate nature and self-confidence make her stand out in an industry that’s full of cruel and ferocious female characters.

Her large eyes and adorable hair make her very gorgeous. Even though she is shy, Hinata is also quite brave and ready to take on anyone she believes is wrong.

15. Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui


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Yumeko Jabami is a well-known anime character in Kakegurui. Her physical appearance and character make her one of the most popular anime girls. She has an absolutely gorgeous face with piercing eyes, pink lips, and long flowing hair.

She displays confidence and acumen, and she is very resolute, ambitious, and driven by her desire to win the gambling tournament to become rich and influential. She doesn’t shy away from cheating and using her charm to achieve her desire, even seducing someone to win.

16. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack On Titan


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Mikasa Ackerman is another sexy anime girl from the popular anime series, Attack on Titan. Apart from being the strongest member of the Survey Corps and the most accomplished in her field of warfare, she’s also very lovely. She is the adoptive sister of the leading protagonist Eren Yeager.

While the series features many amazing characters, like Eren and Levi, Mikasa Ackerman appears to be the fan favorite. She is a 19-year-old heroine who is a tough-as-nails fighter. She grew up in a war-ravaged world yet still has a sweet nature that is displayed in her interactions with the other two characters.

17. Cana Alberona – Fairy Tail


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Cana Alberona has some special powers and magical girl outfits that make her one of the most attractive anime girls of all time. She is a sensual beauty with great fighting talents and is one of the most authoritative female characters in her guild. Very few anime girls are as resilient, independent, and poised as Cana. And despite her strength, she’s not your ordinary hot-headed hard-hitting girl.

Apart from her physical beauty, she has plenty of personalities to make her stand out. She’s very funny and a great character with lots of unforgettable moments and lines.

18. Midnight – My Hero Academia


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Midnight from My Hero Academia will make your heart melt every time you look at her. Her great personality can only be rivaled by her beauty. The difference between the two qualities is what makes her a great anime girl.

Her eyes, hair, and costume always fascinate her fans, while her charming personality is so contagious that she immediately became one of the most celebrated characters in the show.

19. Yoko Littner – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


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Yoko Littner is the main character from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, who is very beautiful. She is also a gun-toting member of the anti-pirate team onboard the underground village’s warship, Dai-Gurren. Also referred to as Yoko or Yoko-Sama, Yoko Littner is a gorgeous anime girl celebrated by many anime fans from around the world.

20. Saber – Fate/Zero


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Saber from Fate/Zero has pale skin, yellow hair, and a figure that will drive every man crazy. Also known as Arotira Pendragon, Saber is the main character of Type-Moon’s visual novel Fate/Zero, and a perfect example of the classic anime girl. From the start, Saber has always been displayed as a strong-willed woman with a firm commitment to her kingdom and family.

Even though she is an out-of-date cavalier, she appears to understand how to accessorize. What’s even more impressive about her is her skill on the battleground. She is a brave warrior who lives by her code of courage.

21. Mio Naruse – The Testament of Sister New Devil


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If you need a new anime girl to fawn over, Mio is a great option. Her flowing red hair and guiltless, blue eyes that appear to be curious about everything in the world make a changeling from the Demon Realm. Her beauty will steal more than just your soul.

22. Irina Shidou – Highschool DxD


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Although there are so many attractive anime girls out there, some tend to be more prominent than others, and Irina Shidou from Highschool DxD is one of them. She is a student in Kuoh Academy, where she is a member of the Occult Research Club that is full of all kinds of mystic creatures. Irina Shidou is among the most gorgeous anime girls in the world of animation.

Her long hair, plump lips, and fair skin make it hard to find a fault in her. It’s safe to say that she has all the right compositions, and she knows how to dress to perfection. Her style doesn’t fail to amaze whether it’s an official event or an orthodox day in high school.

23. Zero Two – Darling in the Franxx


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Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx is one of the sexiest anime girls out there. She is cute and has a courageous personality that makes every guy want her. Her color scheme also makes her very attractive.

Her pinkish red hair and outfit go well with her skin tone, while her outfit, hair, and horns are indicative of a demon in a way, which suits her personality. She also has a beautiful smile. It’s cute and very playful.

24. Saeko Busujima – Highschool of the Dead


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Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead is among the sexiest anime girls in animation. That’s why there are so many online comments and posts about her striking looks. Apart from her beauty, she has good character. She is also a very good fighter and has a lot of depth.

25. Boa Hancock – One Piece


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Boa Hancock is among the most powerful female characters in One Piece. She is the queen and the head of the Kuja Pirates. Her beauty and sophisticated features make her one of the most powerful women in One Piece. One of her most gorgeous features is her eyes. She is drawn in such a distinctive way that makes her stand out in the anime.

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